Nurses To Seek Legal Advice After HSE Threat To Dock Pay

The INO and the PNA are expected to seek legal advice following the HSE’s threat to dock nurses’ pay as a result of their industrial action.

The HSE warned last night that it would deduct more than 13% from nurses’ wages unless they call off their ongoing action by Friday.

INO and PNA members have been engaged in a work-to-rule for six weeks as part of their campaign for a 10% pay rise and a 35-hour working week.

They have also been holding a series of work stoppages, the latest of which are set to hit 11 hospitals and mental health facilities across the country today.

Nurses will walk off wards in Galway, Kildare and Cork for two hours this morning, while hospitals in Cavan, Kilkenny and west Dublin will be targeted in the afternoon.