Abortion Law Challenge To Continue At High Court Today

Irish abortion laws will be tested in the High Court today as a 17-year-old girl challenges the HSE for preventing her from travelling to Britain for a termination.

The girl, who is known as Miss D, is four months pregnant, but her baby suffers from a rare condition where it can only survive for about three days outside the womb.

Under Irish abortion laws, a pregnant minor who is in state care can only travel abroad for an abortion if their own life is at risk or if they are a suicide risk.

Legal experts say that this case could result in these laws being widened to include foetal abnormality as grounds for an abortion.

Miss D is hoping to overturn care orders from the HSE stating that she can only have an abortion if she has a permit saying she is a suicide risk. She is also hoping the High Court will quash another HSE order whereby it can contact the Gardai to prevent her from leaving the country.

The case will undoubtedly reopen the abortion debate three weeks before the election.