Nurses’ Dispute Due To Escalate

The nurses’ dispute is due to escalate today with one-hour work stoppages taking place at St Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin, South Tipperary General Hospital in Clonmel and St Luke’s Psychiatric Hospital, also in Clonmel.

The nationwide work-to rule by 40,000 nurses, which began ten days ago, is also continuing.

Last night, St Vincent’s assured patients that there would be minimal disruption to services today during the planned stoppage between 11am and midday.

However, South Tipperary General Hospital said it had cancelled a number of surgical and medical procedures scheduled for today.

Any disruption at St Luke’s in Clonmel is expected to be minimal.

Meanwhile, there is speculation that the National Implemenation Body will hold talks today to see if there is any basis for it to intervene in the dispute over pay and working hours.