DHSSPS Introduce Easy To Use Complaints Procedure For NI Social Services

A new complaints procedure which aims to resolve complaints made about the HPSS (Health and Personal Social Services) more quickly has been published for consultation

The Health, Social Services and Public Safety Minister Paul Goggins has welcomed the publication of Complaints in the HPSS which simplifies the process to ensure a speedy, fair and, where possible, local resolution of complaints. The new proposals will provide the opportunity to put things right for patients, clients and their families as well as improving services.

The Minister said: “These new proposals seek to give a stronger voice to those who use health and social services in Northern Ireland. They will increase the number of complaints that are resolved locally, improve advocacy for those who need support, ensure that staff learn from complaints and improve services as a result.

“The effective handling of complaints is very important. It helps those who make complaints but it also helps staff learn from the experience of patients and clients and improve the quality of the services they provide.”