Government Plans Crackdown On Teen Binge-Drinking

The Government is to crack down on teen alcohol abuse, following the publication of the latest European survey. The report shows we have one of the highest rates of binge-drinking among 15-year-olds. Ireland ranks third out of 33 surveyed countries.

More than half of 15-year-olds here said they had consumed five or more alcoholic drinks in a row at least once in the past month.

Minister for Children Brian Lenihan will consult teenagers on how to tackle the problem, but the Minister has ruled out an outright ban on alcohol advertising.

“We cannot interfere with the freedom that many media organisations have to sell their products here,” he said.

“It would put our domestic television producers for example at a huge disadvantage if they were told not to advertise alcohol, but that all their competitors [ie non-terrestrial television companies] could beam in these advertisements.”