New Mental Health Users’ Group

The HSE has launched a new National Service User Executive (NSUE) for mental health services. The HSE says this means that for the first time, mental health service users will have a meaningful and significant input into shaping the future development and direction of the services.

The NSUE will offer advice and make recommendations to the HSE and Department of Health towards policy change, play an active role in service design and delivery, as well as promoting the role of service users throughout the mental health services.

Patient groups involved in the NSUE include Schizophrenia Ireland, Aware, Grow and the Irish Advocacy Network and BodyWhys, as well as HSE personnel, individuals who have directly used mental health services and others who have supported a family member through mental illness.

The NSUE is to be established on an interim basis and will design the executive’s structure and the mechanism for the election of service user representatives.