Unapproved Centres Treating Mentally ill

There are concerns that people with intellectual disabilities, who also have psychiatric problems, are being treated in unapproved centres where they could be put into seclusion, restrained or in some cases, locked up. Dr Susan Finnerty, Assistant Inspector of Mental Health Services, said this was “an over-riding concern” for the inspectorate. She expressed concern that such patients could also be improperly monitored.

Dr Finnerty said there are two inpatient units in the Republic that are approved centres, falling under the remit of the inspectorate, and the legislation that

allows the rights of patients to be protected. She said these were Stewart’s Hospital and St Joseph’s, Portrane; both in Dublin.

IMT asked how many institutions, which fall outside the remit of the inspectorate, were providing psychiatric care for the intellectually disabled.

Dr Finnerty said this would become clear when they eventually looked to become approved centres.

Dr Finnerty added that there were still a lot of intellectually disabled patients in hospitals and other psychiatric residences.