Last in series of workshops on experiences of social workers in the Troubles

The last event of this series of workshops will take place Tuesday, 28 January 2020 at St Luke’s Hospital, Armagh.

Voices of Social Work Through The Troubles is a two-hour workshop led by Dr Joe Duffy-QUB, Professor Jim Campbell-UCD, Carolyn Ewart-BASW NI and Patricia Higgins-Northern Ireland Social Care Council.

It aims to improve participants’ knowledge of the ground-breaking BASW commissioned research, Voices of Social Work Through The Troubles which looked into the experiences of social workers who practiced during the four decades of armed conflict in Northern Ireland.

Attendees will learn from how practitioners supported each other and continued to deliver a client-centred, non-sectarian social work service despite the most extreme and violent of situations.

BASW members who participated in the research will share their personal accounts through videos and guided discussion. BASW will share its plans to host an oral history archive and outline how workshop participants will have the opportunity to get involved.

To be able to learn directly from those involved in significant world events is rare, but this workshop provides such an opportunity. The learning about resilience, professionalism, identity and the strength of holding onto social work values and ethics has relevance wherever one works or lives.

Social Workers can claim Profesional in Practice credits from attending this workshop.

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