Nexus NI charity to manage helpline for victims of domestic and sexual abuse

The Interim Chief Executive of Nexus NI is encouraging people who may be experiencing domestic or sexual abuse in Northern Ireland to take the next step and get help by calling the Domestic and Sexual Abuse Helpline.

The charity has been awarded a new three year contract to provide and manage a 24 hour helpline service from next week. The service will be operational from 1 April 2019 and will be known as the Domestic and Sexual Abuse Helpline.

Nexus NI Interim CEO, Karen Gallagher said for many victims of domestic and sexual abuse, often the first step is to lift the phone to call a helpline to get support.

Ms Gallagher said: “Domestic and sexual abuse knows no boundaries. No gender, age-group, no sexual orientation, no class or creed is immune from attacks and abuse. For any man or woman, young or old, the fully trained staff at the Domestic and Sexual Abuse Helpline are there to listen and offer support and advice 24 hours a day, every day.

“Victims of domestic and sexual abuse can often feel isolated, with no one to turn to, so we are pleased that this helpline can continue to give them the support that they need.  We want people to know they are not alone and help is a phone call away.  It is essential that as many people as possible have access to support to ensure the right measures are being taken to keep them and their families safe.”

The helpline is a completely free and confidential service and you can get in touch by calling 0808 802 1414.

The helpline was previously run by Women’s Aid Federation Northern Ireland who will continue to manage the existing service until 31 March 2019.

A Department of Health spokesman said: “We would like to thank Women’s Aid for their successful running of the helpline and would like to pay tribute to the staff and volunteers who have provided a vital and high quality service for victims of domestic and sexual abuse allowing a smooth transition with the continued use of the helpline telephone number.”

Picture (c) Dave Thompson / PA Wire.