Child abuse allegations against Lord Janner ‘grossly unfair’, says daughter

Lord Greville Janner’s daughter has described child sex abuse allegations against him as “grossly unfair”.

The peer, who died aged 87 in December, is alleged to have abused youngsters over a period spanning more than 30 years dating back to the 1950s, with offending allegedly taking place at children’s homes and hotels.

His daughter Marion Janner (pictured) said her father was the only person to be “picked out” in the allegations and insisted he is “entirely innocent”.

“One individual… and he’s dead. Where is the justice or even the common sense there?” she said to ITV News.

“Anyone can say anything because there’s no cross-examination so people can say whatever they like without being properly challenged.”

She said the people making the claims will be “automatically believed”.

“(He) was never convicted and at the time of this round of accusations had severe dementia and couldn’t defend himself,” she told BBC’s Newsnight.

She added: “And now dad is dead and so there’s not the possibility of the other side of the story being heard. It’s the people making the accusations’ word against a corpse, which doesn’t work – it cannot be just, it cannot be right.”

Hearings into the allegations against Lord Janner are due to take place in March next year.

An examination of claims linked to the late politician is one of 13 investigations launched by the public inquiry, which is set to last for five years.

The inquiry will consider whether there were institutional failures to protect children, with bodies including Leicestershire County Council, the police and the Labour Party set to come under scrutiny.

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