Social worker suspended for failing to manage caseload

Social worker Lorna Crichlow has been suspended from the HCPC Register for failing to manage her caseload effectively whilst working at the London Borough of Islington.

A panel of the HCPC Conduct and Competence Committee heard that Lorna Crichlow failed to follow case management directions, carry out visits and reviews, complete adequate reviews in a timely manner, adequately complete Mental Capacity Assessments, and assess risk for her service users. As a result of the unnecessary delay they were put at risk for potential harm.

The Panel further heard from Lorna Crichlow in mitigation that her case load was too high and that she did not get appropriate adjustments for her disability. She also told the Panel about difficult personal circumstances at the time.

Panel Chair Raymond Pattison commented:“The Panel accepted that during the course of these proceedings the registrant had undergone a gradual and continual process of realisation and self-assessment.

“Whilst she had been offered positions as a social worker through agencies, she had unwisely resisted these offers of employment until these proceedings had been concluded. The registrant therefore was unable to demonstrate that she had remedied the misconduct and that she could work safely.”

The Panel decided the most appropriate action was to suspend Lorna Crichlow from the Register for a period of twelve months with an Interim Suspension Order in place to cover the appeal period.

Lorna Crichlow was present and represented by a friend at the hearing.