Apology from Council over care of frail pensioner

Milton Keynes Council has been criticised by a top judge for unlawfully removing a frail pensioner from her son’s care due to social worker’s concerns about her welfare.

District Judge Timothy Mort said the council was guilty of a “deplorable” failure in delaying the investigation of concerns about the octogenarian.

Equally unacceptable was the council’s failure to apply to the Court of Protection for the necessary legal authority to remove the pensioner from her home, he added.

On top of that the elderly woman – named only as X – was taken from her house to a care home by social workers while her son was away.

“He was not informed of his mother’s whereabouts until 19 days after her removal, and then, I am told, only in response to a letter from his solicitor,” the judge said.

Since the hearing a council spokesman said: “Milton Keynes Council has apologised to those involved and has worked with key partners over the last year to improve practice and will continue to do so to ensure that our most vulnerable citizens in Milton Keynes are safeguarded.”

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