Carers UK launch Jointly – an app for families caring for loved one

Carers UK has made a pioneering move into the app market with the launch of Jointly – a tool to help families manage care for loved ones alongside increasingly complex lives.

A?cross the UK there are 6.5 million carers – half juggling care with work, a third caring for older relatives alongside raising children.  Jointly – available for mobile phones, tablets and computers – offers a simple, practical way to share information and co-ordinate tasks amongst an invited circle who are helping look after a loved one.

Madeleine Starr, Carers UK Director of Business Development and Innovation said: “Society has changed vastly in recent years. Gone are the days of multiple generations living in the same house, street or even in the same town. Generations and siblings now often live in different cities or even countries and caring responsibilities are often shared.

“Co-ordinating care with relatives, friends and neighbours from opposite ends of a motorway, often alongside other responsibilities such as paid work and children, can quickly become stressful and challenging. Across age divides we embrace technology in so many ways – banking, shopping, entertainment connecting and socializing – and it makes perfect sense to use it for caring too.”

Carers UK has been researching caring technologies for many years and has found clear evidence that the challenges of ‘distance caring’ and ‘sandwich caring’ can be eased with technology.

The Jointly app offers:

  •     Private and secure group messaging to keep everyone informed and better connected.
  •     Profile and contacts page, with easily accessible vital information such as medication lists.
  •     Shared calendar and task lists to coordinate responsibilities, organise what needs to get done and store important information.

For more information on the app, visit: