Bucks campaign to support adult abuse victims

A COUNTY-WIDE campaign to raise awareness of adult abuse and the protection of vulnerable people is being run by Buckinghamshire County Council.

It aims to promote the routes of support which are available to people at risk of abuse.

Charles Owen-Conway, chair of the SVAB (Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Board), said: “It really is everybody’s business.

“What’s tragic is witnessing abuse but not knowing what to do about it, or worse assume that someone else will deal with it.”

The campaign is aiming to make people aware of the councils Careline number and that the Council services will work together to offer protection to those who may be more at risk from all kinds of abuse- from physical and neglect, to financial and psychological.

When Mary’s ex-partner would not accept their relationship was over his behaviour became threatening, she said: “He grabbed my dog and held a knife to its throat, I was very scared and it really upset me.”

“I kept thinking that next time it might be me.”

But rather than becoming a prisoner in her own home Mary found out where she could turn to for help.

As Mary has a learning difficulty she is supported by Buckinghamshire’s Adult Social Care team and she immediately asked for help from her social worker who worked to ensure she was safe.

The housing association from which Mary rents her home replaced her glass-panelled front door and put in a spy hole and social services paid for and installed a video camera so she monitor who was outside.

Mary added: “I don’t want to be driven out of my own home, I feel much safer with the added security and knowing that people are there to help me.”

Patricia Birchley, cabinet member for Health and Wellbeing, said: “Knowing who to contact and getting a fast response in an abusive situation can prevent a bad situation getting worse.”

For confidential help call the Careline on: 0800 137915 For more information: www.bsvab.org.