Police chief’s ‘concern’ over cuts in social care

POLICE chief Peter Fahy has raised concerns about government cuts in the wake of an incident where a disabled man from Bolton froze to death outside his house.

Greater Manchester Police was criticised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission earlier this month because of the way they handled calls about 53-year-old Phillip Dorsett before his death. A neighbour called the police to say Mr Dorsett, who was paralysed from the waist down, was sat outside his house in John Boste Court, Great Lever at 7.15am on December 16 last year, but no-one responded.

He called again just before 9am, but due to incorrect logging of the first call, the second call handler believed police had checked on Mr Dorsett, and he did not need help.

Mr Dorsett was found dead at 9.20am.

Mr Fahy, writing on his blog, said: “As more people are cared for in the community, then when there are problems caused by infirmity or mental confusion then we often get called.

“Some of this work may be viewed as almost social work by some people, particularly those who think we should concentrate on crime but the reality is that the public need us and we can’t refuse.

“Obviously our concern is as there are cuts in other welfare services, it will be the police who get more of these calls.”