Family sent strangers’ social services file

A mum sent details of her meeting with social services staff through the post was shocked to find confidential case notes for another family stapled to the report.

Wendy Urban is now worried her private information could also have been sent to a stranger after she discovered the information was about a family who live not far from her in Chatham.

She said: “When we realised what it was I was shocked and disgusted because these case notes show the names and addresses of children.

“I’ve got all their details and I could be anyone. They’re putting children in danger.”

Ms Urban, 43, who had met with Medway social services staff in her efforts to organise help for her 15-year-old son, who suffers from a disability, said: “They finally do something about it and they’ve just made him worse.

“He was so worried that someone else got his details and it wasn’t just once they sent it out; they sent a copy to my son and daughter, who was at the meeting, as well.”

She has since asked that they remove all details relating to her son from their computers out of fear the information will fall into the wrong hands.

Ms Urban added: “With all the information we have got from this letter, I could easily have pretended to be a social worker and taken the children. What would have happened if this had fallen into the wrong hands?

“It’s ironic that they sent me my letter saying ‘Strictly confidential. Please remember these minutes are confidential and should be kept in a safe place’. I just can’t trust them any more.”

A Medway Council spokesman said: “Medway Council deeply regrets the administrative error that occurred in this incident and is grateful that it was brought to our attention.

“The council is reviewing its processes to ensure this does not happen again.”