Cumbria social care users happy with service

More than seven in 10 users of social care in Cumbria are happy with the service, according to a new survey.

The results of the survey, organised by the Department of Health, will be used to improve local services as local authorities battle stringent cuts.

In terms of overall satisfaction, 70 per cent being ‘extremely’ or ‘very satisfied’, while nine out of reported being ‘quite satisfied’.

Questionnaires were sent to nearly 800 people and revealed that around a fifth of people couldn’t leave their own homes and another 20 per cent said that they were unable to get to all of the places they wanted to.

Around 90 per cent of those who responded said their home ‘met most of their needs’ or ‘met their needs very well’, while around 20 per cent felt their health was bad or very bad and 70 per cent reported extreme or moderate pain or discomfort.

Councillor James Airey, Cumbria Council’s cabinet member for adult social care, thanked those who took part. He said the information they received would help shape future services and help them identify areas for improvement.

“[The survey] gives us better information to make our service users’ lives better,” he said.

“These results will be vital in how we improve existing services and develop new ones which are more customised to the needs of the individual.”

About a third of those questioned said they paid for extra care for themselves or have it paid for by relatives and, while around 60 per cent said their quality of life is good or better, 40 per cent said it was ‘alright’ or worse.

The survey was sent to 761 people including those with care-managed support and those using personal budgets or direct payments.

Of those taking part, 70 per cent were female and 55 per cent were aged 75 or older.

Just over half of those sent the survey returned it.