Social care project piloted in Swindon is rolled out across UK

A social care scheme piloted in Swindon and praised by the prime minister is being rolled out across the country.

Speaking after the riots, David Cameron said he was inspired by The LIFE Programme which helps deprived families with social and economic issues.

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles visited Swindon on Tuesday to meet families helped by the scheme.

He said it would “cut through a whole cycle of deprivation”.

“This is the future of community budgets,” he added.

‘Giving it order’

“It’s about tackling a number of families within Britain that are a drain on resources of the health service and of social services, probation and of law and order.

“It’s about taking a family and giving it confidence, giving it order and discipline.

“That’s what we want to do. Instead of multi-agencies dealing with this problem, we have a core of people who are there to co-ordinate and work alongside a family to work their way out of this.”

The LIFE Programme (building new Lives for Individuals and Families to Enjoy) scheme is based in the Lyndhurst Centre in Park North and works closely with the police, housing, the NHS, Connexions and children’s and adult services.

It initially worked with 12 families, but has since expanded to 40.

Following the success of the scheme in Swindon, 16 other local authorities around the UK are now set to adopt it.