Report’s concern over Herefordshire nursing home standards

A review of standards at a Herefordshire nursing home has highlighted “major concerns” over care.

Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which regulates health and social care, found patients had been put at risk at Glendaph Nursing Home in Kingsland.

The review listed five areas of concern, including staff training, hygiene and medicine management.

A nursing home spokesman said it was considering the report.

Glendaph, which is managed by Geoshine Ltd, can care for about 30 residents, some with dementia and terminal illnesses.

The review of compliance report followed an inspection in February.
Unpleasant odours

The report found patients had been put at risk of abuse or neglect after staff failed to follow guidelines after an accusation from a patient, which was subsequently found to be false.

Staff have now received re-training on safeguarding patients, the report said.

The CQC report said people had been put at risk of infection and had not always been provided with a clean and hygienic environment, although cleaning improvements have now been made.

It gave an example of one patient who had apparently not been bathed in eight weeks at the home.

Inspectors had also noticed unpleasant odours on entering the home during one of their visits.

Pressure sores

Inspectors also witnessed patients left in hoists which prevented contact with pressure relieving cushions.

The report said: “We were concerned that a higher number of people than we would expect were developing sores in the home. Over a nine day period in April five people developed sore areas on their body.”

But inspectors said nursing standards have been improving and are now at an acceptable and safe standard.

The home must now respond to the CQC over each area of concern.

A spokesman for Glendaph Nursing Home said: “We are considering the Care Quality Commission report currently and will forward them an appropriate response within the time specified.”