Staff fury over St Helens care homes plans

A DISGRUNTLED staff member at a Moss Bank care home has hit out at proposals to close the unit.

Council chiefs announced last week they were launching a four-month consultation over the future of Moss Bank Support Centre.

They are keen to point out closing the centre is only one option but staff at the centre, which provides respite as well as long term care, are furious over the plans, which they have branded a “cost-cutting” exercise.

“People here are absolutely furious,” said the worker, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“Some of the residents and service users aren’t really fully aware of the plans but the ones that are think the same as me; it’s a disgrace.

“We just can’t think of a reason why they are doing this other than to save money, but what about the people who rely on this service.

“There are around 38 staff members working here, but it is not the staff I feel for it’s the patients, they don’t deserve this.” The proposals are part of a drive to modernise adult social services.