Motor Neurone Disease Association gets campaigning website

The Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association has launched a new website that aims to increase awareness and support for the charity’s campaigns.

After experimenting with online campaigning for the first time in 2010, with a campaign that focussed on lobbying for a National Strategy for MND, the charity wanted to roll out this idea across all of their forthcoming campaigns in order to mobilise volunteers and existing supporters and find new supporters.

The new micro-site designed by Glasgow and London-based digital agency tictoc, aims to encourage people to take action by taking part in one of the many campaigns that feature on the site. For example, campaigners can use the online templates to write emails to politicians, which will be used by the charity to lobby for policy makers to support improvements in care and services for people with MND.

By joining the free online Network of Campaigners, supporters can receive updates on the MND Association’s campaigning activities and the different ways they can get involved. The site also allows them to find out about campaigns in their region by using the interactive map, and by signing up and creating an online profile they can connect to other like minded campaigners in their area.

Raj Johal, National campaigns manager said: “We are living in extremely challenging times and the MND Association is lobbying and campaigning to protect and improve health and social care services for people living with MND in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We wanted a website that would be highly engaging and interactive, giving people opportunities to get involved in our national and local campaigns, join our MND Campaign Network and learn more about policy affecting people with MND and their carers. The new campaign website will help to bring people together to help achieve the very best care and support for people living with this devastating condition.”