New campaign aims to help stop adult abuse on Teesside

RESIDENTS on Teesside are being urged to take action if they become aware of adult abuse and neglect.

The Report It, Stop It campaign is backed by councils on Teesside and the North-east to raise awareness of the importance of keeping adults safe.

It is believed abuse or neglect of vulnerable adults is still significantly under-reported to the authorities.

Abuse can come in many different forms including financial, sexual, verbal or physical and victims of abuse may suffer injury, severe neglect, distress and mental health problems.

A person who harms a vulnerable adult can be anyone from a professional person or paid carer to a family member, neighbour or other member of the public.

Barry Coppinger, Middlesbrough Council’s Executive councillor for Social Care, said: “The abuse of vulnerable adults is a sickening act and anyone who is aware of abuse happening has a duty to report it.

“This campaign is not only aimed at raising the public awareness of the issue but will hopefully make it easier for people to report it.

“Victims need help as soon as possible and the authorities will intervene and protect vulnerable adults who are being abused. However, they need to be aware of it first, and that is why reporting abuse is so important.”

The campaign, which is funded by the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, includes a new telephone number, radio adverts, a website – – and a poster campaign.