Open University trialling new social work resource

PePLE is a resource for the training and continuing professional development of social workers that can be used with flexibility to fit in with the operational demands of workplaces. The resources can be used to support independent study or existing employer led provision.

On the site you will find:

    * Video clips from the acclaimed OU/BBC series ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’
    * Video activities which use these clips to stimulate reflection on key issues in social work supervision
    * Short guides to finding and using information in the service of practice knowledge and case studies which cover most areas of social work provision to users
    * A community area and forums where you can share your experiences and reflect on practice development with other social workers who use the site

NQSW and EPD frameworks

Users can link these resources to NQSW and EPD frameworks and they will be particularly useful to:

    * Social workers in their first three years post-qualification
    * Practice educators to provide resources for training
    * Social workers at later stages of their career who want to refresh their knowledge and skills in practice education and development

How to access the site

Access to this site is free but requires your employer to sign a licence for usage as follows:

    * Download a copy of the licence agreement (below)
    * Obtain the signature of your line manger or other authorised signatory in your organisation
    * Return the signed agreement to us as specified on the licence agreement, making sure that you include the list of e-mail addresses in Appendix 2 and we will e-mail the invitations to login

Download Licence Agreement (Word Document)