Homeless Link concerned about impact of cuts on most vulnerable

A recent survey of its members by national umbrella body, Homeless Link, reveals frontline charities predict a rise in homelessness due to public sector cuts. 

The results of the survey have informed Homeless Link’s submission to the Treasury on the Comprehensive Spending Review, due to be announced this autumn.  Homeless Link asks the Government to sustain the current level of investment in homelessness and rough sleeping support and services.

 Jenny Edwards, Chief Executive of Homeless Link, said,

“There was already evidence of an increased demand on homelessness services as a result of the economic downturn.  Last year 64% of homelessness services reported an increase in demand for their services.  Nearly 40% of adult social care departments had seen a rise in the levels of homelessness and use of temporary accommodation.  Now we are seeing a 6% increase in the numbers contacted sleeping rough in London over the last 12 months, accounted for by new people  from Central and Eastern European countries ending up homeless.

“Forecasts of increased unemployment and restrictions in some benefits mean that these services will become more necessary than ever as demand grows.  Agencies are working heroically to get people off the streets and prevent new people ending up there.  We are deeply concerned about what is going to happen to vulnerable single homeless people who are consistently at the end of the queue.  We urge the coalition government to make careful decisions around the homelessness grant and Supporting People to ensure that we prioritise the needs of vulnerable homeless people, in line with their commitment to protect the vulnerable during the review .”