Tackling stigma of mental health is a ‘major issue’ – John Goldup

Confronting the stigma surrounding mental health is a key issue, it has been claimed. John Goldup, director of development for social care at Ofsted, said one of the main reasons stigma surrounds mental health issues is because many discussions about the condition “veer towards the sensationalist”.

He added: “The stigma attached to mental health and the language used to describe it is very rooted in a whole range of social and cultural factions.”

Although this stigma is not easy to overcome, people need to work together to overcome it at a national and local level, he said.

“The stigma that so often attaches to mental health is a major health promotion responsibility for all agencies involved in [the] services for vulnerable children and vulnerable adults,” he added.

Mr Goldup’s comments came after an Ofsted report found inconsistencies in mental health provision for young people in care.

The report highlighted the barriers for young people in accessing mental health provision, as well as highlighting good practice.