More funding needed to ensure proper care for needy, says charity

A debate about how the UK can fund the care needed for elderly people is badly needed, a charity has said. According to Stephen Burke, chief executive of Counsel and Care, healthcare and support for elderly people is “substantially underfunded”.

“With our ageing population, the care funding gap will continue to grow without radical reform and proper funding,” he noted.

“Paying for better care will cost us all more – we need an honest and serious debate that recognises this reality,” he added.

Mr Burke said politicians need to do more to prioritise care reform and funding.

“Radical action is needed to deliver a national care service that truly meets the needs of our ageing population wherever people live,” he added.

Earlier this week, prime minister Gordon Brown promised a number of care reforms aimed at helping cancer patients and elderly people.

Social care services would be extended, he noted, but Mr Brown did not say how his plans would be funded.