Hull social services to improve care homes

SOCIAL services officials say they are determined to improve the quality of residential and nursing home care in Hull.

The pledge comes after it was revealed that all 90 establishments in the city are currently rated as adequate or above by the national health and social care regulator.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) gives maximum three-star ratings to six residential homes for the elderly, four mental health units and four homes for elderly mentally infirm residents in Hull.

Based on inspection visits, the CQC’s ratings range from three-stars to a zero score for homes classed as poor.

The regulator can take enforcement action in extreme cases where services being provided by a care home are considered to be unacceptable.
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Gary Jones, the city council’s assistant head of service in adult care, said: “I am very pleased we have no poor homes in Hull because there are a few local authorities nearby with zero ratings.

“My task over the next couple of years will be to move the one-stars to two and the two-stars to three.”

Mr Jones said the monitoring and inspection work of the CQC was increasingly shifting onto local authorities.

“The issue of improving quality is becoming more and a more a function of the council which, until now, has been mainly involved in commissioning services.

“There has been a shift in emphasis away from the CQC and onto councils and I welcome that.”

The city council employs two officers to carry out regular inspections of care homes. Typically, each home is subject to an unannounced visit three times a year.