Social services boss who gave Cumbrian sex pest good job reference quits

A social services manager in Yorkshire whose job reference allowed a sex pest to land a job with a Cumbrian youth service has resigned.

The “positive” testimonial meant that David Kay, 63, was able to persuade the Connexions Cumbria youth advice service to employ him as a tutor with young people.

Bosses at the service were completely unaware Kay had previously been disciplined for behaving inappropriately towards young girls when he worked in North Yorkshire.

He was later convicted of having sexual contact with a young girl while working with her in a position of trust with Connexions in Workington.

Kay, from High Seaton, Workington, who tried to blame his victim for what happened, is currently serving a four-year jail term.

It has now emerged that the social services manager in Yorkshire who wrote Kay his reference for the Connexions job has resigned.

The manager had previously been suspended as the authority investigated his role in the Kay scandal.

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire County Council said: “The manager who gave the reference for David Kay for a post with Connexions Cumbria has resigned.

“Whilst there are learning points for us from this case, we are confident such a reference would not be given now.”

In court, the jury was told how Kay had sexually exploited his victim. The youngster’s mother had taken the teenager – only just 17 when Kay first met her through his job – to Connexions to help get her daughter’s life back on track.