Gravesend social worker struck off after allegedly sexually abusing two girls

A SOCIAL worker has been struck off after a committee accepted allegations of misconduct involving two young girls in the 1980s. Douglas Makey, 49, who worked for Kent County Council, was banned from being a social worker after a three-day hearing of the General Social Care Council (GSCC).

The council was told he had sexually abused one girl between June 1983 and October 1984 and another between October 1987 and September 1989 at Glenview children’s home in Gravesend.

In a report released after the hearing the GSCC said it was abuse carried out for “his own sexual gratification and at night-time”.

Makey, from Tonbridge, who was formerly in charge of child protection for Kent County Council, was accused of abusing the first girl, known as Ms A, when she was around nine years old.

He had taken her to his room at night when he was the only adult on duty, the GSCC heard.

Ms A, now aged 35 and a mother of five, gave evidence at the hearing, saying: “If I was awake I would hear the fire door open. When I think back to the noise of that door opening I get a scary feeling.

“I would lie there and think ‘Is that him?’, ‘Is it going to happen tonight?’ “Other times I would be asleep and I would wake up to him lifting me up.”

She added: “As much as I was frightened it was nice to spend time with him. At that young age it never felt awful, I just felt he wanted special time with me.

“I now feel differently and know what he did was disgusting, degrading and dirty.

“I don’t have a figure for how many times it happened but sometimes he would sneak in twice a week.”

Ms A said she reported Makey to his colleagues but no action followed.

It was only in 2006 when Ms A and her own children were referred to Kent County Council for housing and parenting issues that she went to the police.

Makey was investigated but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) did not prosecute him due to insufficient evidence.

He was accused of molesting the second girl, known as Ms B, when she was between 10 and 12 years old, allegedly getting into bed with her when he was the only adult on duty.

A statement she made to a Kent County Council officer before the hearing was heard by the GSCC.

Reporting its findings, the GSCC said: “These are very serious findings of the sexual abuse of two vulnerable children in a residential care home, by a man responsible for their wellbeing.

“It was abuse carried out for his own sexual gratification and at night-time.

“These young children were particularly vulnerable and trusted the registrant (Makey) implicitly.

“Ms A arrived at Glenview a ward of court with no significant adult in her life.

“The registrant took full advantage of this, using his position of trust and power within the home, and groomed Ms A with treats and affection.

“Having so groomed her, he went on to sexually abuse her repeatedly over a prolonged period of time.

“With Ms B, he took advantage of her obvious affection for him. This was in the same residential home but a number of years later.

“The registrant again used his position and her complete trust in him to sexually abuse her in the safe knowledge that, like Ms A, she would be unlikely to speak out and that even if she did, it was unlikely she would be believed.

“The registrant’s behaviour was of a most serious nature, repeated over a prolonged period and against targeted, vulnerable young children in care.

“The committee decided the behaviour of the registrant was so serious the only appropriate sanction in this case was removal from the register.”