Care homes training fund runs dry

Funding allocated for training staff in children’s care homes has run out, leaving employers to foot the bill.

The Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC), which manages the fund, has written to care providers informing them no more money will be handed out this year.

The news has sparked concerns that employers will face massive bills or have to wait a year to train staff.

Keith Harrington, operations director at Reflexions Care Group, said that funding is crucial to having staff trained to the required level.

“I think questions need to be asked as to whether the reason for the shortfall lies with the realistic amount of the available fund or in its administration,” he said.

Janet Rich, children’s services development officer at the National Care Association, echoed the concerns calling for more comprehensive research of the workforce to be undertaken by the CWDC.

She said: “All providers have to plan ahead for their 12-month budgets. Now they will have to adapt that to fund their own candidates or have to delay training to next year.”

CWDC admits that the take up for the fund exceeded expectations. Brian Tytherleigh, CWDC’s director of programmes, said: “The popularity of this funding is clear evidence of our successful partnership with social care organisations. However, we know there is much more to do and are now considering further investment in this sector.”