LGA latest to warn of crisis in adult social care system

The LGA is the latest local government lobbying organisation to call on the Government to urgently reform the adult social care system.

The LGA has joined London Councils and the Institute for Public Policy Research in setting out the problems in the system, which they say is under-funded and too complex.In the third in a series of reports into the adult social care system, the LGA calls on the Government to acknowledge the issues facing the system so councils can ‘move towards a clear system of care.’

The report – entitled A Fairer Future – uses case studies to illustrate how people are not planning for their future care needs. It warns that the complexity of the adult social service system puts people off seeking help and calls for a new threshold for eligibility to be drawn up.

The report states: ‘The system’s complexity can be seen as a barrier that dissuades people from using it. It can confuse people, it can disrupt services, and it can keep people out of the system who need to be in it.’

One of the main barriers facing improvements is that the Government has not yet publicly acknowledged the many problems facing the system.

‘If we are to make the system better through meaningful reform there must be recognition of the issues facing our current system of care and support so that we can move towards a clear system of care,’ leaders write.

The report calls for:

• a clear system of care and support, with principles and availability which can be understood by all, like health and education;
• fair framework for funding care and support;
• fair way to access care and support;
• fair minimum standard of support available to all who need it;
• fair approach to supporting individuals with a focus on councils leading change.