Concerns over Notts County care agency

CONCERNS have been raised about a care agency formerly used by Notts County Council. Angels Care looked after 38 elderly and disabled adults on behalf of the social services department.

Its contract was ended last week following complaints from several customers.

Caroline Baria, county council service director, said: “I can confirm we have ended our contract with Angels Care following ongoing concerns about the quality of their service.

“The welfare of the older and disabled people we support is our main priority and we must ensure they are receiving good care and are not at risk.
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“We have now arranged for people to be cared for by other home care companies and are trying to help some of the staff at Angels to find employment with other agencies.”

Angels, which is based in Lenton Boulevard, employs 12 staff but there are fears the council’s decision could force the company to close.

Karen Ryall’s oldest daughter Michaela, 20, suffers from the brain condition lissencephaly and receives regular care from Angels.

Mrs Ryall, 39, of Castleton Close, The Meadows, said she had never had any cause for concern about the service she had received and she would be devastated to see them go.

She said: “Michaela is terminally ill and now her carer will be out of a job and I will have to find a new carer for her. We are so happy with Angels care that I cannot believe we will lose it.

“Our carer has been working with my daughter for four years and it’s hard for Michaela to cope with change.

“She will really struggle if she has to have someone new. She needs routine and needs to keep the same people in her life.

“She is severely disabled and cannot do anything for herself.

“She can’t really talk and cannot get around.”

An Angels carer comes in twice a day to help Mrs Ryall get her daughter washed and dressed, and also comes in at other times to provide respite care while the family go out.

Mrs Ryall said: “Having the carers makes a lot of difference. I’ve got rheumatoid arthritis and my husband has back problems.We could not look after Michaela ourselves.”

Mrs Ryall’s youngest daughter, Emma, 18, also works as a carer for Angels and could be left without a job.

The council stressed that no one would be left without care and alternative providers will be found.

Most people should have had their care transferred to a new provider by today.

Ken Golding, owner of Angels Care, said he was looking at the possibility of appealing the council’s decision, and whether it was financially viable for the company to continue.

He said he felt the council’s decision was based on “unsubstantiated claims”, but declined to comment further.

The Evening Post understands no concerns had been raised which related to the abuse of patients.