Crawley care home closed by county council

A CARE home for people with severe learning disabilities has been closed down by council bosses.

Woodhall Nursing Home, in Friston Walk, Ifield, has been shut by West Sussex County Council, meaning its 13 residents have had to be moved elsewhere.

It is believed the county council plans to sell the land to make way for flats to be built.

This has angered one local campaigner, who has branded the decision “despicable”.

Richard Symonds, of Lavington Close, Ifield, said: “The thing I am most angry about is the fact these people look to the county council to provide care and support.
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“It looks like they have been let down.”

At present, the care home has a series of posters stuck to the fencing, campaigning against the decision.

One reads “Public care home, private don’t care home”, with another saying “This land is ours to protect for the community, not theirs to sell to the highest bidder”.

Mr Symonds added: “It is clear this is an emotive subject.

“Another worrying thing is we do not even know where the residents have been taken to.”

However, West Sussex County Council has responded by saying all the residents are safe and happy with the decision.

A council spokesman said: “The 13 Woodhall residents were assessed by a care manager and suitable accommodation ranging from residential to supported living found for them.

“Many residents remained living in West Sussex, but a number moved to other areas to be closer to their relatives.

“Residents were fully involved in the process of selecting where they moved to and family meetings were held throughout the resettlement process to keep relatives involved.

“The future of the Woodhall site is currently under consideration.”