Care Quality Commission issues new regulations for care providers

Existing regulations governing the standard of care delivered by health and adult social care services will be replaced next year. From 2010-11, the new Care Quality Commission will register all providers against a single set of requirements to do with safety and quality of care.

Anyone not registered will not be able to provide services and those who are will have to show that they continue to meet the requirements.

At the same time, all 8500 GP practices and 9000 high street dental practices will have to register with the commission, whether they provide solely private or solely NHS services, or a mix of both. Although GPs and dentists are already registered by their governing bodies, the Department of Health is adamant that these new regulations will make a difference.

Health minister Ben Bradshaw said: “The way that health and adult social care services are being delivered is changing. The same person may well receive care from both health and social care providers in a range of settings including at their GP surgery, community or residential settings, hospital or from a range of public or independent providers. This is the first time that one single registration framework will ensure that the health and adult social care services people receive will be safe and of a high quality regardless of which organisation is providing it.”