Job Prospects In Health Care ‘To Rise’ Despite Credit Crunch

A new report predicts the number of job opportunities in health care, education and social work will increase by 170,000 in the next eight years despite the credit crunch, painting an optimistic picture for the labour market over the long term.

The Working Futures report, by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), suggests job prospects remain good despite the current economic downturn and credit crunch.

The report expects the growth in some sectors, particularly non-marketed services such as healthcare, to be particularly strong.

Skills secretary John Denham said: ‘We must not lose sight of the future needs of our economy and do all we can to help people get the secure career jobs they want and need in the industries where growth will be the strongest in the coming years.

‘This is why we are working to reform the skills system, and will take a more proactive role in key sectors to bring employers, training providers and unions together to tackle these key job shortages.’