Eaton Describes ‘Witch-Hunt’ Of Baby P Social Workers

The leader of the Local Government Association has described the treatment of the social workers involved in the Baby P case as a ‘witch-hunt’.

Speaking at an LGA summit into children’s services, Margaret Eaton, talked about the damage done to the social work profession following the tragic death of Baby P.

Cllr Eaton has written to the prime minister spelling out how the LGA intends to support councils in strengthening the vital work they do on child protection.

Ms Eaton said: ‘Poor performance at the frontline in any of our services must be effectively challenged, in this area above all, and where good support does not result in improvement it has to be dealt with firmly. But that’s no excuse for a witch-hunt, which is not only unreasonable, but also threatens to be seriously counter-productive.’

The five point plan includes package of reforms to make it easier for councils to shift services more towards prevention and early intervention.