New Autism Support Group Opens In Stourbridge

FAMILIES coping with a child with autism or Asperger syndrome can now benefit from a new service that provides autism awareness workshops at The Bonded Warehouse in Stourbridge.

Ephemera is run by Neale Pilkington and Chris Morgan who, as parents of autistic children, have pooled their parental and professional experience to lead the informative 1/2 day workshops.

The courses are intended for parents and family members as well as for professionals who are involved with autistic spectrum children and adults during the course of their work.

Teachers, youth workers, and those employed within social services or mental health provisions are just some of the people who have benefited from the training so far.

The workshops help parents and professionals to understand wh life is like for those who have been diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders. They also offer practical ways to overcome many of the problems that can be encountered to ensure that the individual reaches their potential.