Bogus Social Services Woman Got Mother To Undress Child

POLICE have released an e-fit of a woman wanted in connection with a suspicious call to the home of a mother and her child in Jubilee Crescent, Louth on Wednesday July 9 this year.

The incident was only reported to Lincolnshire Police on October 2 as until that time the victim believed the caller to be genuine.

Concern only came to light when contact was made with Lincolnshire’s Social Services department about a different matter.

The unknown woman called at the address around 11am stating she was from ‘social services’.

She was wearing an official looking badge and a suit and claimed she needed to speak to the mother about her child.

She was allowed entry into the property. The mother was asked to undress the child, which she did, and the unknown woman appeared to check the child visually for bruising.

She then looked around the house whilst the mother re-dressed the child before leaving the house.

As a result of checks, it has been confirmed the woman was not there on behalf of Social Services and police are now trying to trace further sightings of her, or anyone who has experienced a similar incident. The woman is described as white, in her late twenties, around 5 ft 7 inches tall, of medium build and wearing a suit with a ‘Social Services’ badge.

She has curly hair at the front which was tied back.

“The victim believed the unknown woman to be a genuine social worker and concern only came to light when she subsequently made contact with Social Services about a different matter,” explained PC Sarah Broadhead from Louth Police Station.”

“We’re keen to trace any other people living in the area who believe they may have been the victims of similar calls. We’re also keen to hear from anyone who believe they may have seen this woman in the area back in July, or anyone who think they may recognise her,” she continued.

“All calls of this nature should be pre-arranged with the relevant department and anyone with concern about any such doorstep caller should ensure that identification is thoroughly checked. If in doubt, deny access and call your local police station,” said PC Broadhead.