Helen’s Plea For Carer To Help On Dead Sea Visit

When Helen Pacha was just 13, she lost her eyesight in a freak fairground accident and ever since has relied on the kindness of strangers to get about.

Now, the 73-year-old, from Rushey Mead, in Leicester, is desperate to find a carer who can take her walking.

Helen suffers from poor balance as a result of an ear infection and has been promised a new guide dog when she gets better – her last dog died in 2007.

She is convinced a trip to the Dead Sea, a salt lake between Israel, the West Bank and Jordan, fabled for its natural health benefits, would cure her, but she is not able to go unaided and is appealing to Leicester Mercury readers for help.

Helen said: “It would mean the world to me. I do not get out of the house more than once a week and even then it is only to walk to and from a taxi that takes me to hospital.

“I am convinced that a trip to the Dead Sea will help me get better, but that will never happen unless I have someone to take me.”

Helen lost her sight when a dodgem car she was riding in Mablethorpe overturned. She suffered a brain haemorrhage that took her sight and nearly killed her.

She is now hopeful of finding a carer and possible companion to help her overcome her ear infection.

If anyone is able to help Helen with regular walks please contact: Confidential Reply Service, Box 42836, St George Street, Leicester, LE1 9FQ.