Government Announces New Autism Strategy

The minister for care services has announced new funding for research into adults with autism. Ivan Lewis announced the £500,000 research will inform the first ever government strategy on the disease among adults and their specific needs.

The research will focus on the transition to adult life for people suffering with autism and Asperger’s and involves areas such as mental health, social care, housing and further education. Recent figures estimate that the almost one in a hundred children suffer with autism.

Mr Lewis said: “This study will inform the development of a national strategy designed to ensure that adults with autism and Asperger’s syndrome are supported to have full lives.

“Adults with autism and Asperger’s syndrome are too often abandoned by services with their families left to struggle alone.”

The National Autistic Society has welcomed the new government commitment to autism research in response to its I Exist campaign, which highlighted the need for support for adults suffering with the illness.