Care Worker Killed In ‘Wild West Gunfight’

AN innocent care worker was shot dead as she walked into a “Wild West” shoot out between two teen­agers, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.

Magda Pniewska, 26, was chatting happily to her sister on her mobile phone when she was caught in the crossfire.
A single 9mm bullet from a gun brandished by one of the youths hit her in the head and she was killed instantly, the jury was told.

The pair, both aged 17, had arranged to meet at a housing estate in New Cross, south London, to sort out a dispute over money, it was alleged.

The gunfight erupted when one youth pulled out a weapon and started shooting, the court heard.

The other teenager returned fire just as Miss Pniewska was taking a short cut up a flight of steps to her flat nearby.
It was only after the gunmen had fled unharmed that people realised an innocent passer-by had been killed.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, said: “She hadn’t been the intended target of that bullet, but in scenes reminiscent of the Wild West, Magda was to become the innocent victim of a gunfight between two young men who were total strangers to her.

“She was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Miss Pniewska’s sister Elzbieta, in Poland, heard at least “three or more shots” as the pair chatted on the phone.

When she asked Miss Pniewska what was going on, Magda replied: “Hold on a second.”