East Sussex Care Home Residents ‘Must Move’

A decision to close three residential centres in East Sussex will see 10 disabled people having to move home, the county council has said.

Social care spokesman Keith Glazier said the residents would “no doubt find this a difficult time” but the authority would support them.

He added the homes were expensive to run and there was no way to cut costs.

The three homes to close are The Haven in Uckfield, and The Hazelbank and Whitbread Close, both in Eastbourne.

Mr Glazier said potential alternative accommodation had already been found in both towns, and the residents would be helped either by a council-run or private sector service.

He said: “These three homes are very expensive to run and we have no means of bringing down the cost per person.

“We can’t just add extra beds, because there’s no room.

“It’s sad to close any facility – but at the same time we need to use the limited budget we have to support the largest amount of people possible.

“That’s why it makes sense to close.”

He added that residents’ needs would change as they grew older and the buildings were not suitable for redevelopment.

The closures, which were agreed after consultation, and redeployment of staff would save the council £490,000 each year which would be reinvested into social care, he said.

He added: “Moving home is always a stressful experience – and I sympathise with the residents, who will no doubt find this a difficult time.

“We will work hard to support them, and their families, throughout this period of change.”