Criticism Of Violent Nurse Allowed To Practice

DISABILITY groups have criticised a South Ockendon nursing home which employed a nurse with a conviction for violence.

Sheila Ramsayhe, 48, of Mollands Lane, was convicted of causing actual bodily harm in December 2006, and applied for a nursing position at 109-111 Mollands Lane, run by Satash Community Care Project, soon afterwards.

She said: “When I was interviewed, I immediately disclosed to the manageress that I had a conviction.”

But bosses at the care home could not remember her admission.

Manager Logan Loganathan said: “I do not recall any such conversation. No indication of an acutal bodily harm appeared on the Criminal Records Bureau form.

“But we are rigorous so applied for a fitness to practice statement from the Nursing and Midwifery Council.”

The council confirmed an inquiry did take place regarding whether Mrs Ramsayhe could practice at a home for the vulnerable.

Sonia Wolfskehl, spokeswoman, said: “We noted Mrs Ramsayhe’s previous conviction and set up a panel to examine her conduct and competence.

“We decided that this conviction would not impair her fitness to practice.”

However, the decision has left some pressure groups outraged Chairman of Thurrock Disability Network, John Williams, said: “This is utter madness.

“In order to protect our most vulnerable citizens, you cannot have people with convictions for violence working in Thurrock care homes.”

Mrs Ramsayhe has now resigned from her position as a nurse at the home and has not renewed her registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.