Jersey States Suspends Child Care Worker Jersey States Suspends Child Care Worker

A member of staff at the Greenfields secure unit for children has been suspended from work.

The move follows evidence at the employment tribunal this week into the sacking of former Greenfields child care home manager Simon Bellwood.

Jersey States has refused to reveal the identity of the suspended worker.

Chief Executive Officer Bill Ogley said in a statement that he was satisfied with current standards of child care in the island.

He said: “Our first commitment is always to ensure the well-being of the children within our secure and residential services, and we can confirm that we have put in place robust measures to ensure that their well-being is assured.”

Sacking inquiry

The investigation would take two weeks and the suspension was not a sanction against the individual.

The States said that its policy was not to reveal details of disciplinary cases involving individual employees.

“Not only is this a matter of good practice, but we have implied contractual obligations of duty of care, and mutual trust and confidence, to our employees.”

Mr Bellwood settled his case on Wednesday with the States in the middle of the employment tribunal.

An independent inquiry is to be launched into his sacking.

Mr Bellwood had told the tribunal he felt undermined by his line manager whom he claimed did not want him in the post.

The former social worker said the manager was territorial and found it hard to pass over the reins when Mr Bellwood took over control of the secure unit from him.

Mr Bellwood’s case was not connected to the ongoing investigation into child abuse allegations at the Haut de la Garenne children’s home.