Trafford Initiative Will Boost Carers

A NEW initiative for carers and those with care needs will see charity directors from three Greater Manchester authorities merge as one board.

The National Crossroads Association, an organisation that offers support and services to carers and the people they help, has developed Foundation for the Future, which means that one board of trustees will oversee service locations in Trafford, Stockport and Salford.

The existing autonomous structure has been in place since 1974 but is no longer robust enough to effectively respond to the changes in the way that social care is delivered now and in the future.

The newly appointed scheme director, Paul Parlby, has experience of voluntary work having served as a board member with a homeless charity.

Paul, who will be based in Trafford, said: “I am delighted to have been appointed as director. A new business plan will be in place in April, which will guide the new organisation through a new set of business goals over a five year period.”

Paul explained how the plan would furnish the foundation with a shared direction whose primary purpose is to deliver even greater services to more carers in more communities in the future.