Strelley Care Worker Stole £5,000

A Care worker took more than £5,000 from residents over nine months, a court heard. Myrtle Jean Lewis, who had debts of £30,000, pocketed residents’ cash that should have been used for rent.

The thefts came to light when two residents at Seagrave Court, Seagrave Road, Strelley, fell into arrears and letters were sent out by the care home owner, Nottingham Crown Court heard. Lewis, 46, of Seagrave Road, admitted two charges of theft.

Andrew Tanser, prosecuting, said Lewis, who was of previous good character, could not explain why she had done it. “She was in various arrears in respect of various financial matters.”

The financial loss was to her former employers at the home, the court was told.

Alistair Munt, defending, said his client had a brain aneurysm, which had affected her memory, and was claiming incapacity benefit as a result of depression.

“I’m not putting forward she had a major depressive illness at the time of the offence.”

He said Lewis intended to pay back the money by selling her house, which was put on the market after she first appeared in court last October.

“She can’t remember what she did with the money. She accepts she took it,” he added.

Judge Michael Stokes QC told Mr Munt: “In reality she has committed dozens and dozens of thefts against highly vulnerable people. It makes them feel foolish that they ever trusted her in the first place.”

Mr Munt said: “All she can do is say how sorry she is and has demonstrated her remorse by putting her house on the market.”

But Judge Stokes QC said he found doctors’ reports to be inconsistent, with one saying she was on medication for cardiovascular disease and for blood pressure. He adjourned sentencing until March 7, saying: “I’m of the view she is attempting at the moment to deceive the court and I want a full medical report and psychiatric report.”

Seagrave Court is managed by ExtraCare Charitable Trust, in partnership with Nottingham City Council and Midland Heart, a charitable Trust housing association.