Most Autistic Adults ‘Lack Support’

Most adults with autism do not feel that they get enough support or have access to sufficient services, a new study shows.

A poll commissioned by the National Autistic Society (Nas) revealed that as many as 63 per cent of adults with autism living in England claim to feel isolated and unsupported.

Published in the I Exist report, the survey showed that 61 per cent of adults with autism are forced to rely on their family for money and 40 per of people with the learning disability still live in their parents’ home.

This lack of provision for people with the learning disability is compounded by the fact that a third will also face serious mental health problems if they are not properly cared for.

Some 60 per cent of adults with autism spectrum disorders themselves realise that the lack of services means they will require higher levels of support later on.

Amanda Batten, Nas head of policy and campaigns, said: “For too long adults with autism have found themselves isolated and ignored. They struggle to access support and are often dependent on their families.

“It does not have to be like this – I Exist is the message from adults with autism who want their needs understood and the barriers to support removed.”

Nas is now calling on the Government to “think, act, and transform lives”.