Nottingham : Provision Of Care Is Set For An Overhaul

The city council has agreed to set up a special committee to make recommendations on the provision of adult social care.

Rising numbers of older people, and those with disabilities, as well as higher costs, means that the authority has to reassess its provision of care.

Coun Leon Unczur, portfolio holder for adult social care, said: “This is the starting point of the debate on adult social care.”

He said the Government’s determination to bring in self direct support, an arrangement in which individuals have a greater say over how money is spent on their care, will mean major changes.

But he said the council recognised some people would be concerned the new system would not suit all.

“Some users will be in favour of direct payments, others will wish to rely on a more traditional style of service delivery,” said the Labour member. “We need to accommodate both.”

The Conservatives protested strongly at plans to set up a special committee, with members of the Executive Board.

Michael Cowan, the Tory group’s deputy leader, said a scrutiny committee should do the job.

He said: “There is supposed to be a clear division between the executive and scrutiny.”

Coun Cowan also criticised Labour’s record on care for the elderly, claiming the total amount of home care provided this year will fall.

The Liberal Democrats supported the creation of a special committee.

But Coun Tony Sutton added: “The group will need to establish real and accurate information if it is to make sensible suggestions and there are serious question about where the money is going to come from.”