How Could Mum Be Attacked In Her Care Home?

A frail pensioner was battered with a walking stick by another resident at her Liverpool care home. Alzheimer’s sufferer Dorothy Taggart, 70, who weighs only six stone, suffered a broken nose, cheekbone and badly cut face in the attack by the other woman.

Police are investigating the incident at the Eldonian House care home in Vauxhall Road.

Mrs Taggart’s daughter Susan now plans to take legal action, claiming steps should have been taken to prevent such an attack.

A care home spokeswoman said all procedures were followed.

Ms Taggart said: “I’m sickened this was able to happen. I can’t stand to look at my poor mum’s face.”

It is believed the attack came after the elderly woman accidentally wandered into the bedroom of another resident, who also has dementia.

Ms Taggart said: “My mum is very frail and gets really confused. She would probably have gone into the other room by mistake because it is opposite hers.

“She must have been screaming out for help, but she wasn’t found until afterwards. I want to know how nobody heard her.”

“It is known the woman can react like this and that problem has not been dealt with.

“I can’t bear to think of her calling out for help but nobody coming.

“She has been in a really bad way since it happened. I nursed my mum for seven years before we had to let her go into the home in May.”

Mrs Taggart has now been moved to another home.

A spokeswoman for the care home today confirmed the attack took place after both women had been helped to their bedrooms for the night.

She said staff dialled 999 for an ambulance as soon as the attack was discovered and Mrs Taggart was taken to the Royal Liverpool hospital.

The spokeswoman for Eldonian House said: “We informed the relevant authorities straight away and referred the incident to the protection of vulnerable adults team.

“I’m happy that all the correct procedures were followed.”

Police said they were investigating.