Turning Point: Smith’s Solutions ‘Simplistic’

Leading social care organisation Turning Point has condemned new Tory policy group proposals as simplistic. The proposals come as one of the first of David Cameron’s policy groups reports back to the party with a set of 200 proposals to combat social and familial breakdown.

The issue is increasingly becoming the centre-piece of the Conservative party’s agenda. Iain Duncan Smith, former party leader, presented its finding at a press conference in London. They included giving married couples £20 a week to encourage marriage and allow parents to stay at home with their children.

This would be paid for by tightening welfare rules, including making single parents by the time their child is five. They also suggested raising tax on alcohol and upgrading cannabis back from Class C to Class B.

“Iain Duncan Smith’s recognition that the reasons for social exclusion are complex, is in stark contrast to the simplistic solutions that he proposes,” a Turning Point spokesman said.